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First Stop-Athens!

My flight to Greece was the longest flight I have ever been on. It was around 9 hours, and I really hoped I could sleep for most of it. Unfortunately, something I have learned about myself on this trip so far is that I don't sleep well on airplanes. lol I packed pajamas and a blanket in my backpack for the plane, but it's so hard to get comfortable enough to actually sleep. I was so envious of those around me that were able to do it so easily. Next time I fly internationally, I will have to bring some melatonin or something....and definitely save up some money to score one of those awesome first class seat that lay flat!

Since this was my first big international flight (I don't count the time I flew to Jamaica), I got to enjoy a meal and snack on the airplane. The food wasn't bad at all and it was nice to have a hot meal to enjoy while in flight. I had a choice of chicken or pasta and the girl beside me said to go with the pasta. 😂 Either way, I knew that I would be finishing it off with some ice cream, so that was an awesome bonus. I also got a snack during the flight and then a hot breakfast snack before the airplane landed.

My flight landed in Athens at 10:00am on Monday morning to begin my real adventure. I was a day later than the original itinerary since one full day of travel turned into two days of travel, but you can read more about that here. The first order of business was to exchange some American money for Euros. I had no idea what I would need for the week, so I just took a guess and headed off to grab a cab.

Since I was a late arrival and nobody else in my group was there at the same time as me, I was in a cab by myself to head to the hotel. It was a real experience to ride in a foreign country with a driver that didn't speak any English! During this ride, I determined that Greece may not have any traffic laws and pedestrians better move out of the way! 😆

Thankful to have survived that taxi ride!

I safely arrived at Hotel Herodion in Athens and was excited to meet up with my group and check in. I had missed the Acropolis tour that morning, and I only had one day in Athens, so I was excited to explore and check everything out!

I was able to visit the Acropolis, walk the town and visit some of the shops, enjoy my first authentic Greek meal, and meet up with all the other girls on the tour during my one day in Athens. It was a great way to kick off my trip and I headed to bed knowing the next day would be an early morning since we had to catch the ferry for Ios in the morning.

Stay tuned for more on my trip to Greece coming soon! Let me know if there's something you want to hear about!


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