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Glamping at The Grand Canyon

I had never been further west than Missouri, so I was in for a real treat when we flew to Phoenix. Walking out of the airport was my first experience with the desert heat, and it was different than anything I had ever experienced. From the airport, I rented a convertible thinking it would be great for us to cruise down the road, wind in my hair, check out the sights....that sort of thing. But, never did I imagine how amazing these sights would be!

I have seen pictures online and shows on TV set out west with these amazing rock formations. To see it in person is another experience. The views are amazing and will absolutely take your breath away. These rocks are massive, the coloring of everything is gorgeous, and it's just amazing to see how much beauty there is in the world. Since this was a new state for us to visit and our main objective was to see The Grand Canyon (but we saw so much more!), I knew I wanted a unique place for us to stay at least one night of our trip.

My younger brother is the ultimate travel partner! He was 11-years-old at the time of this trip and he is always ready for an adventure. He loves flying, visiting new places (we are trying to see all 50 states together), sightseeing, trying new foods....he is just open to anything! So, when I told him we were glamping in The Grand Canyon, he was excited to see exactly what that meant!

Clear Sky Resorts was the ultimate experience. It is located about 20 minutes from the south rim entrance of the Grand Canyon, so we actually decided to stay here on the last night of our trip. It was the perfect place to relax and unwind, gaze at the stars, and enjoy everything they had to offer!

This resort is set up "campground style" but with dome tents. It's very nice with gravel paths for walking, plenty of space between each dome tent for privacy, and your own porch that is perfect for stargazing! You can enjoy live music and s'mores making by the fire each night, play on the playground and jumping pillow with the kiddos, play giant Connect Four, and ride the tricycles around their track. There is even an adult size tricycle for us big kids!

For food, there's a food truck on site with delicious breakfast and lunch/dinner. You could also drive into one of the neighboring towns for a meal. Your dome has a refrigerator and coffeemaker. You also have your own private bath inside.

The sink was separate from the shower and toilet, which was nice so it could be used while the shower was being used. The small refrigerator and coffee maker were also located here with the closet.

Each dome has some fun theming such as the British Spy (we stayed in this one), Hello Kitty, 80s Arcade, and more. There is a window at the top of your dome you can open so you can view the stars as you lay in your bed. There is also a large window in front of the bed for beautiful desert views and sunrises!

I can't say enough about this resort. It was so much fun and we were able to enjoy the outdoors, but then had a nice place to rest our head at night. It's definitely something you should check out and great for people of all ages. Clear Sky Resorts gets a 10/10 from us for the Ultimate Glamping Experience.


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