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On to Ios, Greece!

On the second day of my trip, I was up bright and early before sunrise to head to the ferry. I've never really been on a ferry boat and I had this idea in my head from what I had seen on television, but it was waaaaaay wrong. haha The ferry ride to the island of Ios was about four hours and it was a super nice boat ride. The seats were leather and similar to airplane seats in that they reclined a little and there were tray tables so you could enjoy any snacks and drinks you purchased on the boat.

Far Out Beach Club views by the pool

Pulling out from the dock, the views were gorgeous as they were all along the way. Once we arrived in Ios, our first day was spent just relaxing at Far Out Beach Club by the pool and beach. The views were gorgeous, the blue water was crystal clear when you walked out to it, and it all just felt like a dream.

Beach Day!

We had a few days in Ios, so I had plenty of time to explore the whole island. We spent lots of time in the town square, where we hiked to the top where there was an old church for some amazing views of the island. I also tried a pork gyro, which was delicious and more food than I could handle. We went to the square on most evenings to shop and enjoy the night life. There was just so much to see and plenty of desserts to try! lol

The next day we went on a speed boat tour, which was way more fun than I could have imagined. The boat ride was several hours long and we spent the time cave crawling, snorkeling, and visiting a private beach. The water there is very salty and the buoyancy is so different than any water I have every experienced. I was quite nervous the first time they stopped the boat and told us we were going to jump off and swim to the rocks...without a life jacket! But I soon realized that you literally float in the water and it's truly amazing! It made the swim so much easier and was great for snorkeling!

Our last day in Ios was to be spent however we wanted. A group of us decided to rent ATVs and I was totally on board with that! I rented my own small four wheeler, they handed us a map, and we spent the whole day riding around the island together. We found lots of beautiful beaches, stopped for lunch, saw some goats, found some gorgeous lookout points, and even made a visit to Homer's Tomb! It was definitely one of the highlights of my time in Ios.

I had many delicious meals and treats while in Ios, including veal for dinner on my last night. I also made sure to stop by the Nutellaria while I was there because I'm a HUGE Nutella lover! The food was always amazing and is one thing I miss from my time in Greece!

Ios was a blast and one of the most beautiful islands, but it was time for the last leg of my adventure in Santorini. Keep watching the blog to read about all the fun I had at my next destination!

Goodbye, Ios!


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